01. Orphanage and General education

In 1988, Venerable Dharmakirti Mahathera established and funded Damdama Abhay Sharan orphanage, meditation and rehabilitation centre. It is a registered centre and more than a hundred local students have benefitted by getting free general education. The centre also house 30 orphans and poor students with six regular teachers taking charge. The centre runs from 1988 until 1995.

02. Dhamdama Pali College and school

The late Bhante Ananda Mahathera the most respected teacher to Venerable Bhante Dharmakirti Mahathera established a Pali school in 1942. After his passing in 1998, Venerable Dharmakirti Mahathera took charge of the college. During his tenure, about two hundred students have successfully gained religious knowledge in Sutta, Binoy and Abhidhamma ( Addaya, Maddhya, Upadhi).

Bhante Dharmakirti Mahathera was the principal from 1984 until 1999 where he taught religious studies to primary and secondary school students for free. Under his supervision, more than a hundred students obtained scholarship to further their studies.

03. Diamond Jubilee

In 1993, Bhante Dharmakirti Mahathera was the organizing chairman of a grand ceremony to mark the Diamond Jubilee of his teacher, Upasangharaja Ananda Mahathera. It was a historic event where the most Venerable Sangharaja Silalankara Mahathero, the supreme patriarch of the Buddhist in Bangladesh together with more than a hundred sangha members attending the ceremony. Other dignitaries include Ministers, Members of Parliament and Buddhist leaders from all over Bangladesh.

04. Health Care and Student Scholarship

Venerable Dharmakirti Mahathera helps to secure twenty deep tube wells from Bangladesh Government and distributed them to all Buddhist villages in Mirsarai Upazilla. Another twenty five public sanitary latrines were distributed to the villagers of Nababpur. One hundred students in Damdama-Nababpur were given scholarships from the government to further their studies.

05. Electricity to the Village

Supply of electricity to the villages in Damdama-Nababpur was secured with the assistance from Bhante.

06. Damdama Government Primary School

The first floor of the Damdama government primary school was built with the money that was sanctioned by Bhante.

07. Silver Jubilee

Bhante was the general secretary in the organizing committee for the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Sangharaja Bhikkhu Mahamandal Dharmiya Shikha Parishad. The celebration was a huge success through his effort and leadership.

08. The Renovation of Damdama Abhay Sharan Buddhist Temple

Damdama Abhay Sharan Buddhist Temple was renovated with the funding from Bhante at a cost of about 5000000/- taka (Fifty Lac). Construction includes the boundary walls, gate and a Sima hall.

09. Student Scholarship, Religious & Cultural Competition

From 1995 to 2008, one hundred and forty poor and deserving students were given scholarship to further their studies from Ananda Education Trust. Students who scored G.P.A -5 or better were rewarded for their excellent results. Ananda Memorial Association also organizes religious and cultural competitions for students from the eight Buddhist villages in Mirsarai and Sitakunda Upazilla. Many eminent monks, Sangha Raja, Upasangharaja and virtuous and wise people were invited to the association by Bhante.

10. Ordination ceremony and Ten days Meditation retreat

In 2000, C.E Ven. Dharmakirti Mahathera funded and organized a big ordination ceremony for sixty five poor devotees. They were ordained for free and attended a ten- day meditation retreat.

11. Financial support to Khusangerpara Mohabodhi Seba Complex and Ophanage, Lohagara, Chittagong.

The construction of this complex under the Chief Monk Ven. Jinananda Mahathera was financed by the Bangladesh Government with the help of Bhante. Many other temples also received financial support from Dr. Dharmakirti Mahathera.