01. Temple Land

A piece of land was donated for the establishment of a temple cum school, college, meditation centre and for social and religious enrichment institution.

02. Damdama-Nababpur Dharmakirti Buddhist Monastery

Work has started on the temple land for the building of Damdama-Nababpur Dharmakirti Buddhist Monastery.

03. Temporary Monks Residence

A temporary building was built to house the monks, shrine room and a hall. Currently all religious activities are carried out in this temporary shelter.

04. Buddha statuses from Thailand

Two golden colored Buddha statues from Thailand were brought in with the help of Ven. Nagasena Bhikkhu. One of the statues will be placed in the upcoming temple and the other is in Bandabakunda Buddhist Temple.

05. Religious Functions

All religious functions, national festivals, full moon day of Wesak and Kathina celebrations are observed in full colors and in a befitting manner.

06. Friday Dhamma school for children’s

Friday Dhamma School has started in Damdama-Nababpur Dharmakirti Buddhist Monastery and is running well. There are about two hundred students undergoing dhamma classes under the supervision of twenty teachers.

07. Sambodhi Temple, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Recently 29 novices from Bangladesh wwre sent to Sri Lanka for religious studies in cooperation with Sambodhi Temple, Colombo.

08. Financial help to the poor

Financial aid for education, medical treatment, marriages and many others are given to the poor and needy. Many have benefitted from this for the past three years.

09. Religious Singing group

Youth wings of the temple set up a band group that plays and sings religious and spiritual songs. They also regularly perform in various activities and during festive celebrations.

10. Sports and Cultural competitions

DIPPS, Ananda Memorial Association and Damdama-Nababpur Dharmakirti Buddhist Monastery occasionally organize religious quizzes, sports and cultural competitions among students from the eight villages in Mirsarai and Sitakunda Upazilla. Rice is given to winners of the various competitions and bright students who score G.P.A.-5 in their secondary and higher secondary examinations are also acknowledged.