An appeal from DIPPS - Bangladesh

An appeal from DIPPS - Bangladesh
Ven. Dharma Kirti Bhikkhu

Ven. Dharma Kirti Mahathera

Respectable Monks and Nuns,
Dear devotees and well wishers in the Dhamma,

With respect and great pleasure, we would like to inform everyone that DIPPS-Bangladesh is starting its social, religious and cultural activities in a big scale. We believe that with the undivided support from all of you, we will be able to fulfill and achieve our noble goals. We hope our mission will be able to show and lead the society at large to this unique and correct path of the Dhamma.

There are several ways for you to help us:

  1. Sponsoring rooms in our new building. There are 17 rooms for Monks apart from the shrine room, conference, preaching hall and meditation hall in our Damdama-Nababpur Dharmakirti Buddhist Monastery. Anyone can take up a furnished room measuring 12’ x 10’ at a cost of approximately 250000 Taka or USD 3205. Name plates will be put up in the rooms upon request.

  2. Becoming a member of our society. There are three types of memberships:
    1. General members: Registration fee: 1000 Taka (USD 14.00) and A yearly fee of 1200 Taka (USD 15.00.)
    2. Life members: 10000 Taka or more (USD 131.00 or more)
    3. Patron members: 100000 Taka (One Lac) or more (USD 1315.00 or more)

All fees collected will not be used for the construction of the temple building. Instead it will be deposited as fixed deposit in a bank. Interest earned will be used for social, religious, cultural and educational purposes.

We, on behalf of DIPPS sincerely invite everyone to be a part of us in helping to save and develop our societies. Your generous contributions and participations will go a long way and is highly appreciated.