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About DIPPS - Bangladesh

Dharma Kirti International Peace and Progress Society - Bangladesh

The founder of our society (Dharmakirti International Peace and Progressive Society), most respected world citizen Prof. Dr. Dharmakirti Mahathero has established many social, religious and cultural associations. His contribution is unique and unparallel especially in Mirsarai and Sitakunda Upazilla where the locals have benefitted greatly. Bhante has also contributed towards many other national and international organizations. It has been his dream for a long time to establish an organization that can serve and benefit these organizations. It’s this dream that prompt him to establish DIPPS.

He had a plan to declared about this society in the year 2010, in his Mahathera Abhidha conferring ceremony, which was observed Nationally and Internationally. At that time if he could not declared but this society is working from that time. So it was established in a historical and memorial day the 21 January 2010.

DIPPS was officially established on the 21St January 2010. It was a historic and memorable day as it coincides with his Mahathero Abhidha conferring ceremony which was observed nationally and internationally. A trust fund was set up known as DIPPS Central Trust Fund to oversee the funding of all its activities and projects. Money in the trust fund will be kept as fixed deposits in the bank and interest gained will be used for social works and running of its co-organizations.

DIPPS’s first assignment is to start a monastic religious school or Dhamma school for children. Our founder feels that without ethical guidance or religious teachings, we won’t be able to build a good society as well as a good nation. Friday Dhamma School has started in Damdama-Nababpur Dharmakirti Buddhist Monastery and will be extended to all temples in Mirsarai and Sitakunda Upazilla and eventually to all Buddhist temples in Bangladesh when we are financially sound.

Based on our Bhante’s observations, the Buddhist communities in Bangladesh are not financially burdened, but lacking in religious teaching especially among the youths. The lacks of moral and religious knowledge have caused many Buddhist youths to stray from the path. Their families and society at large suffer much because of this. We in DIPPS believe that the Buddha’s teachings are able to address and correct this situation.

The second priority of our society (DIPPS) is to establish a Dhamma Duta residential school and college for monks and novices. Our founder Bhante Dharmakirti Mahathera believes that virtuous religious teachers will benefit the community. With a dwelling number of virtuous religious teachers and monks in Bangladesh, DIPPS hope to overcome this shortage in the near future. By the grace of the Triple Gems, a big piece of land was donated to our founder for this purpose.

The estimated cost for the construction of Damdama-Nababpur Dharmakirti Buddhist Monastery is 250000000 Taka or approximately USD 320,500. The foundation for the building has been laid and to date 5000000 Taka has been spent. Well wishers, local and abroad have generously come forward to extend their helping hands.

With the completion of this Dhamma school and college, courses on the Tripitaka (Sutta, Binoy and Abhidhamma) will be conducted in Pali and elementary English. Apart from Canonical teachings(Pariyaatti Dhamma), disciplinary codes, Sila (Patipatti Dhamma) and Samadhi (Pativeda Dhamma) will be emphasized. Upon completion and graduating from these courses, graduates are to preach and spread the Dhamma for the good and happiness of many as a Dhammaduta (The messenger of Dhamma).

Our other aims and objectives can see in objective page.

  • Damdama-Nababpur Dharmakirti Buddhist Monastery.
  • Ananda Memorial Association.
  • Mirsarai-Sitakunda Buddhist Development Association.
  • Mirsarai-Sitakunda Buddhist Development Association (Youth).
  • Mirsarai-Sitakunda Buddhist Monk Association.

These co-organizations carry out many meritorious activities for the development of the community. Most of DIPPS’s programs are carried out and run by these organizations.